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Improving B2B Sales Performance

For 35 years Miller Heiman B2B sales methodologies have been helping millions of people braun series 7 shaverand thousands of businesses worldwide transform how they sell to complex buying structures, winning more business with better margins and improving customer satisfaction and key account retention.

The compact summary sheets make these methodologies into a useful set of tools that make it easier to understand buying structures and clients’ needs: the kind of understanding that is absolutely critical to winning business and customer satisfaction, as well as preventing mis-selling.

The methodologies were developed from a study into common best sales practice around the world. Every year Miller Heiman conducts a research study to ensure that they’re at the very forefront of best practice trends in the sales profession.

Benchmark your organisation against the best with Miller Heiman’s Sales Performance Meter and discuss what you find. In short, we can help your organisation improve or perfect ‘customer competence’.

Miller Heiman Sales Methodology

We’re proud to work with one of the world’s leading sales performance and customer management organisations. Find out more about Miller Heiman here.


How do we help?

Firstly by listening to you and understanding your business, then equipping you and your team with appropriate tried and tested sales processes that address these needs and then coaching and supporting you in their use.

What is the key to sales success? – Discovered, not invented

Bob Miller and Steve Heiman are two very successful B2B sales people. In the late seventies, after successful sales careers they set out to create a global academy of Best B2b Sales Practice. Not content with what they knew from their own experience, Bob and Steve went all over the world spending time with successful companies, large and small, to listen to their people and identify the key to sales success. The consistent key that emerged was methodology and process enshrined in a philosophy of being client-centric and building a win-win partnership with the client. They then assembled the common practices that they found into a series of methodologies that are each summarised on one sheet of paper.

In short, like accounting, insurance or engineering or any other management discipline, there are certain things that good sales people do on a regular basis. 35 years on, technology has changed but people haven’t.

Winning Complex Sales

MillerHeiman Blue Sheet

Imagine who would have to be involved if you wanted to make a purchase of £10,000, £100,000 or perhaps £1m inside your own organisation, how many people would need to be involved? Many sales people lose business or hit delays in securing business because they have not identified all the people who influence the purchase, frequently failing to recognise the seniority of the most senior person involved. Strategic Selling®, famous for its ‘Blue Sheet’ summary, helps sales people to understand complex buying structures clearly and devise sensible sales strategies for winning business from them.

Key Account Management – Insuring Precious Assets

Miller Heiman Gold Sheet

Are your buildings and equipment insured? Of course they are. We all protect what’s important to us. What about trying to insure future revenue? If you’re like most companies 80% of your revenue probably comes from 20% of the accounts, which can be quite a small number. If one of those goes bust or goes elsewhere the consequences are usually serious. Miller Heiman studied how the most successful business people retained, nurtured and grew key accounts. What they put together from this is ‘Large Account Management Process®’ (LAMP), The famous ‘Gold Sheet’ summary page makes managing key accounts much easier to plan in a way that’s visible to all those who need to be involved.

Understanding Client Objectives – Preventing Mis-selling

Miller Heiman Green Sheet

We are all familiar with recent scandals concerning the mis-selling of financial products. Whether or not there is a law suit, failing to understand a client’s needs and objectives certainly inhibits the sales process and can ruin business relationships. The most common complaint that customers make is that ‘our suppliers don’t understand our business’. Conceptual Selling® was put together by working with people who were very good at understanding their clients’ needs and were successful because of it. The resulting ‘Green Sheet’ summary is widely used as an effective meeting preparation and management tool making sure that meetings deliver useful win-win outcomes that move the buying and sales process forward.

Accurate Forecasting

Forecasting is often a nightmare for sales managers and business leaders alike. None the less forecasting revenue and income is a critically important management process and the Funnel Scorecard was developed to make forecasting less of a black-art and more of a science.


...In conversation with a senior manager a year or so later, he remarked that we are ‘consistently churning out blue sheets and benefiting from their use’...

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