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With the intense pressure placed on sales leaders, it’s not surprising that their average tenure is brief – and getting briefer. Studies show that many sales leaders now average 18 months to two years at one company. Given this reality, chances are you are either new to a sales leadership role or will be in the next few quarters, whether through a promotion or a new position with a new company. Moving into this role can be as exciting and rewarding as it is difficult. Whether this is a challenge you currently are facing or a position you aspire to reach, MHI Global encourages you to review the areas we consider most critical for sales leaders to focus their attention on during the early stages of a sales leadership role. Our research has demonstrated that sales leaders at world-class sales organizations have a considerably longer tenure and tend to engage in a “discovery process” during the first 90 days with their new company. During this time they ask a lot of questions and do a lot of listening. They gain insights into their employer’s strategic objectives, customers and deals, procedures and norms, corporate structure and strategies, leadership and teams.

The Survival Guide

This Survival Guide describes the discovery process. It’s a comprehensive guide for an incoming sales leader to learn his or her way around the new company, get traction fast, begin to drive sales, make informed decisions, and effectively lead a sales organization. One minor word of caution: No two organizations are exactly alike, not even similarly sized ones in the same industry. Each has its own culture, its own modes and attitudes, and its own style of doing business. Because different organizations move at different speeds and have different priorities, our guide is not a substitute for experience, skill, and good judgment. While we can’t make it easy, we can offer proven, effective tools for stepping into a sales leadership role – and staying in it long enough to accomplish some significant goals. Align With Your New CEO and Executive Team We have observed that sales executives at world-class sales organizations have a keen understanding of their company’s overall business strategy. When sales executives fail to glean the organization’s overall objectives, they can’t effectively convey those objectives to their team. Invariably, this creates a leadership vacuum that team members will fill with their own individual priorities and goals……………


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