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Public Workshops – Channel Management – You’re Invited !

Public Workshops – Channel Management – You’re Invited !

Miller Heiman warmly invites you to two more public workshops focused on effective channel management: ‘Influencing Partner Outcomes’ and ‘Effective Partner Planning’, taking place at the Holiday Inn Milton Keynes in October.

Basic Premise – Managing the Channel is not the same as Selling to a Client

‘If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together’ says an old African proverb. A recent survey also found that the key to earning a high salary lies in building collaborative teams. So distribution partners are important. They may be distributors or brokers but either way they collaborate or lead in the sale of our product or service. If we manage them wrongly, distributors become a block between us and our clients, damaging sales performance. If we manage them well they become powerful extension levers, multiplying the impact of our sales efforts on the business. See LinkedIn.

Miller Heiman Global Research 

Research shows that a great many companies don’t have a strategy or policy for managing distributors. A few years ago Miller Heiman bought Channel Enablers whose comprehensive suite of channel management methodologies is well established with a global, blue-chip client base. So we’re now launching these as part of the Miller Heiman portfolio.

The Workshops – ‘Influencing Partner Outcomes’ and ‘Effective Partner Planning’

Influencing Partner Outcomes helps users to persuade their distribution partners to commit to specific actions with measurable results. Effective Partner Planning helps users to focus on the right channel partners and construct effective strategies with them. The workshops are highly interactive and involve putting together concrete plans and strategies which you will then execute. You’ll have plenty of time to discuss them with the facilitator and other attendees. 


Influencing Partner Outcomes – 14th and 15th October 

Effective Partner Planning – 21st and 22nd October

Venue: Miller Heiman’s London HQ at 7,Bishopsgate. 

Price: £ 1,290 per delegate

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