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Our Suppliers Don’t Understand Our Business!

Our Suppliers don’t Understand Our Business!

Commonest Customer Complaint? ‘They don’t Understand our Business !’

No it isn’t price, the commonest customer complaint is ‘our suppliers do not understand our business’. Think of it round the other way, what attracts you to working with people supplying you, probably that they are considerate to your needs and attentive. After all it is your money that you’re spending. You want to know that you’re spending it wisely and well.

A Useful Exercise – Stars in their Eyes – Who are you going to be?

How often do you sit down for five minutes, decide that you are going to put yourself in the shoes of one of your key client decision makers and think about what it might be like to be them?

Well no point in hanging about, let’s have a go…….. Decided who you’re going to be? Good. Write the name down on a sheet of paper, not the company, the person, companies don’t take decisions people do.

Now ‘Name’ what are you worried about, what’s pre-occupying you with the job you’ve got to do? Who’s chasing you, what do they want? What’s happening to your business environment, what’s changing, how is this affecting your boss, shareholders, peers and the decisions that you’re all taking?

What are your next hopes for a move, promotion, bonus, retirement?

Right, next step let’s look at the various projects you’ve got on the go and yes, here’s the one with you (the real you) involved as one of the suppliers, a member of the supply chain. Let’s have a look at it. Firstly, be brutal, where does this rate in the scale of importance as a project. How is this project affected by various things that are changing that we looked at earlier.

Looking at the various other solutions that you might use, let’s do a simple plus and minus exercise. Where does that supplier (the real you) rate.


OK, time to decompress, back to reality and you’re now back to being you. What have you learned in the quiet reflective time being this decision maker. Now plan what you’re next communication with them is going to be and  think about what’s going to make it useful to them.

More than Double your number of Qualified Leads

Global research consistently shows that one of the major gaps between the most successful companies and all the others is how well the Sales and Marketing Functions are aligned to what their customers want and need. See the graph.








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