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MHI Global – Be Ready

MHI Global – Be Ready

MHI Global – Be Ready

Miller Heiman has become MHI Global by acquiring complimentary companies to provide the largest global range of B2B sales diagnostic and performance tools in the world. This enables us to launch our mission statement: “To be the undisputed key resource to sales and service leaders globally” and we will do this by “bringing expertise and precision to how our clients more effectively engage with their customers” . In other words we want to work with you to enable you to understand and master your business beyond what you can do now.

One day all Companies will use the MHI Global Placemat

Doctors, lawyers, teachers, pilots, ops managers and accountants all have procedures to follow. In some cases they can liable for heavy penalties if they don’t follow them. However for decades sales and management have been very subjective and loose activities in comparison.

Experience and focus may enable a doctor to occasionally come up with the occasional, inspired and brilliant diagnosis, but routine attention to procedure solves most cases and keeps patients safe. Similarly a teacher may occasionally reach and develop an exceptionally difficult pupil, but with out routine process, the class would be in chaos.

For 37 years Miller Heiman and the other groups who make up MHI Global have been working painstakingly at observing, recording and sharing best B2B sales practice as it occurs in all modern cultures around the world. Every year a research study reaches thousands of companies who don’t normally work with the group, as well as many who do to update this vast data bank of best practice.

So for example, you’re not sure how to manage and protect key accounts, we’ve identified the process that the world’s best companies follow to manage them well and protect that vital core revenue stream.Similarly with prospecting, forecasting, preparing meetings, hiring staff and assessing potential, we have found out how to do it properly and effectively.

It’s all about Understanding your Business

A quick glance at the Place-mat may help you to think about which parts of your business are in smooth running order and which ones less so. So take some time to look at your own  business using the main headings on the Place-mat. If this prompts some questions, call us!




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