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Invitation To Surrey Based Miller Heiman Alumni!

Invitation to Surrey based Miller Heiman alumni!

Make your Miller Heiman Alumnus Status work for you!

Miller Heiman may be something that you remember doing before, perhaps some time ago, perhaps when you were with another company. Did you know that your alumnus status stays with you for life. So if you are based in Surrey or neighbouring areas and it’s a while since you did the Blue, Green or Gold Sheet, then contact us with your details and we can update you on the system.

This means that you’re entitled to free membership of the electronic library with many interesting articles and white papers on best sales practice. You can also continue to download the electronic versions of whatever colour sheets you originally learned to use.

‘Free Blue, Green or Gold Sheet Review Session’

If you’ve moved and your company is not currently working with a Miller Heiman ISC we’d also be delighted to provide you and your colleagues with a free Blue, Green or Gold Sheet review session at your premises. These review sessions not only help to knock back to the surface processes that you may have forgotten, they also provide a good vehicle for group discussion which can help to identify new strategies to move stalled business forward.

Did you know that there are over a million Miller Heiman alumni around the world. They use the various methodologies in over twenty different languages and 80 different countries and they are now supported by the Miller Heiman group now known as MHI Global.



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