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Export for success

Almost any company can export and many very small ones do including one-man bands. Provided you follow a few basic rules it is neither difficult nor expensive, especially in this digital age. We’re here to help:

Sample Heading

They don't really understand the best channel to market

They don't target the right customer segment in their market

Export made easy with our Programme for Success:

Together with colleagues at Global Results, we worked with a European Foreign Ministry to create an exciting and practical programme to help companies penetrate the new markets and achieve success as quickly as possible. At the end of the programme each company will have a comprehensive practical plan of action to ensure success.

We provide the companies with a number of templates and planning sheets to help them through the programme, including:

  • Business Readiness Review
  • Market Research – both an aide memoire to help in the planning of a fact-finding trip to the new market and a template for producing a market research report.
  • Go-to-Market Plan, including templates for partnership planning, financial plans, risk and issues registers, promotion planning and others.
Global Results Sales & Marketign Consultancy
Build a successful export business


Selection of Target Country

The companies individually undertake initial research to make a preliminary selection of a new country into which they feel they have a good opportunity.  This could be a market close to home (e.g. within the European Union) or perhaps to more distant markets such as Brazil or China.

Business Readiness

Companies are asked to complete a ‘Business Readiness’ document in which they detail their goals, their commitment and resource for the exporting programme, their potential target market and the products/solutions they plan to sell into that market.   They also produce their initial thinking on SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) and PESTLE trends (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environment) in that chosen market.

2-Day Workshop:
Getting the Basics Right & Preparing for Market Research

During this interactive workshop, the companies will be guided by two expert facilitators to think about:

  • Market and Customer Segmentation plus Product Fit;
  • Choosing the Right Channel to Market;
  • Potential Competition;
  • How to Communicate Effectively;
  • How to get to key buying influences;
  • Financial and Legal Considerations;
  • Actions to enhance their drivers for success and minimise/eliminate barriers to success;
  • Preparing for the Market Research and Fact Finding Visit.

Initial Visit to the New Market

This is a vital part of the programme where companies make an initial visit to the new market. We encourage companies to work with trade advisors from their country’s embassy or from other in-country experts. At the end of this period the companies produce a Market Research Report.

2-Day Workshop:
Preparing the Go-to-Market Plan

During this second workshop we help companies to produce a draft ‘Go-to-Market’ plan by the end of the second day. Subjects covered include:

  • Review of the Market Research Reports;
  • Marketing and Sales Planning;
  • Building Effective Partnerships;
  • Risk Management and Project Planning;
  • Preparing the Plan.

Review of Plan & Success in the New Market

The final stage of the programme is where we offer a review of the companies final plan, which they then execute and grow their business in the new market.

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