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in B2B Sales Best Practice

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Understanding buying structures...

...the key to sales success.

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How much confidence do have in
your latest business forecasts ?

Do you ever lose business without knowing why?

Why do your biggest clients buy from you?

What are your client's aims when you meet?


How are your clients going to change in the coming years?


2017 World-class Sales Practices Report

See what the most successful companies are doing - the latest Miller Heiman global research report...

Miller Heiman – Global Gold Standard in B2B Sales Transformation and Methodology


For over 35 years, we have helped over a million professionals around the world improve their sales performance, by studying best sales practice and sharing it in an easily usable form . Regular users include business leaders and sales people as well as other professionals such as accountants and engineers, who need to win business as well as practice their profession. We make the process of selling professionally easier, as users of the famous Miller Heiman Blue Sheets and other methodologies regularly tell us..

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We help local companies grow their businesses through improving sales performance. Our clients range from SME’s to Fortune 500’s, some make products, some deliver services,  some provide comprehensive solutions. We pride ourselves on walking the talk by being collaborative and customer-centric. We nurture our clients over time and put your success at the centre of what we do. If you’re a B2B company with goals and challenges, we’d love to come and learn about your business and see what we can do to help – please get in touch.


Without Data you’re just a Person with an Opinion – W.E Deming

CSO Insights is the research division of Miller Heiman. Over 35 years we have gathered the largest collection of data on best sales practice trends in the World. However, the world does not stand still. The sales profession is facing more challenges than ever before. So we are launching the next ‘CSO Insights 2016 Sales Enablement Optimization Study’ today.

What’s in it for you?

You are invited to spend 20 minutes taking part. Your details will be treated in strict confidence but you receive and advanced copy of results. You will also be able to download the CSO Insights’ 2017 Sales Performance Key Trends Analysis, and and other reports. You will also receive the 2017 Sales Best Practice Report – the most important enablement research report in the industry.

CSO Insights 2017 Sales Enablement Optimization Study .

“Miller Heiman Customers Derive Measurable Value from Sales Training”

Read an independent report by the Aberdeen Group examining the impact that Miller Heiman makes for its customers.

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B2B Sales

Miller Heiman sales processes improve sales performance in many ways including improving win-rate, growing key accounts, improving forecast accuracy and preventing mis-selling.


The route to a more secure and prosperous future! Exporting both goods and services is easier than many people think. You don’t need to be a giant to do it. Plenty of SME’s and even one man bands export. With expert export consulting, creating a global business is only a few steps away.

Part-time Director of Sales

Many SME’s are not large enough to need a full-time Director of Sales. But that level of insight and experience can make a lasting difference to the bottom line. A part time SD or non-exec can make a key difference to those key decisions.

2017 World-class Sales Practices Report

What the most successful companies told us in 2017…


Every year Miller Heiman conducts a global research study into latest trends in best sales practice. Benchmark your organisation’s sales practices against the most successful companies in the world and let’s discuss what you find. We’re here to help your organisation improve and its level of ‘customer competence’. If you think you’re ‘running up the down escalator’ then you’re not alone. The best companies in the world tell us how they’re tackling this.

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